Truori is a new age food company set up with a vision to revolutionize the way we consume food. We realized that while all of us want to eat healthy, either the healthy food options are often not tasty or are inaccessible to most. We thought of solving this problem for ourselves. And thus, Truori came into existence with an objective to make healthy food tasty and accessible.

We believe immensely in the goodness offered by nature and feel that it is possible to create great tasting, healthy and nutritious product without giving in to the artificial flavors and colors. We believe in being true to nature preserving the original goodness. That’s where we got our name from – Truori is Truly Original!!

Our first offering is our range of cold pressed juices. Made using the revolutionary Cold Pressed Technology, every bottle of Truori brings to you lip-smacking medley of choicest ingredients without losing even a pinch of the original goodness. We bet juices have never tasted so good!!

We are there for a healthier you.


It all began with a realization that the packaged juices we have been drinking for all our lives may actually not be doing any good. It actually seemed so obvious. Packaged juices taste so much different from natural fruits and vegetables. Dig deeper and you realize that the juices made at home and available at juice stalls also aren’t the best alternative. So we went on a journey to look for the right juicing option.

This journey led us to Cold Pressed Juicing Technology, a technology not readily available as yet in India. It then took a couple of years of research, countless hours of juicing, trials with friends and family, exploratory discussions with nutrition experts and several moments of success and failure to create an authentic juicing experience. We continue to persue this journey every single day to deliver the best juicing experience to our customers.