We feel our FAQs are fairly exhaustive. While our juices are super juices, we are not super humans. So if you have any query beyond these FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Truori?

Truori is a new age food company set up with a vision to revolutionize the way we consume food. With nothing artificial in our products, we believe in being true to nature preserving the original goodness. That’s where we got our name from-Truori is Truly Original!!

Our first offering is our range of cold pressed juices designed with inputs from a team of nutritionists and culinary experts.

What are your product offering?

Our first offering is our range of cold pressed juices. Made using the revolutionary Cold Pressed Technology, every bottle of Truori is a blend of choicest ingredients, each with its own functional benefits.

We are retailing through our website and retail partners. We will soon be launching other beverages and food options.

There are a couple of other brands offering similar products. Why should I choose Truori?

Well, we don’t like to focus too much on competition and instead obsess about offering the best experience for our customers. We feel we offer the best tasting cold pressed juices in the country. Well, that’s quite a claim and we make it responsibly. Try yourself!!

Few other things we feel make us unique for you to give us a try and decide-

  • No processing to increase the shelf life beyond 3 days. Freshest juice with 3 days shelf life.
  • Varied customization and subscription options
  • Use of super ingredients like Cranberry, Chia Seed, Aloe Vera and Lemon Grass.

Additionally, we ensure the best quality and hygiene and that’s reflective in the way we source and use our ingredients, the standards we maintain at our facility and the top notch suppliers and partners we work with. 

What is Cold Pressed Technology?

Cold Pressed juicing technology is a revolutionary way of making juices. Cold Pressed juicers use a hydraulic press that applies very high pressure at very slow speed to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used or released in the process, leading to most nutrients remaining intact in the juice (generally, heat kills nutrients). At Truori, we make fresh juice every day by cold-pressing fruits and vegetables without adding any additives, chemicals, stabilizers, flavors, preservatives or sugar.

Why do they say cold pressed is better than homemade and packaged juices?

There are several reasons for that. Here are top 3 reasons for choosing Cold Pressed juices-

  • Raw and Healthy: Home juicers & juicer used at stalls extract juice using high speed rotating blades which generate a lot of heat. Similarly, packaged juices are often exposed to heat during pasteurization to increase their shelf life. The heat generated in both the processes destroys essential nutrients and naturally occurring enzymes leaving the juice lifeless. On the other hand, Cold Press juicers first slowly crush and then gently apply very high pressure to extract juice from the ingredients. This process produces virtually no heat keeping the nutrient content of the juices intact.
  • More Nutritious: Cold Pressed juices have been proven to contain up to 5 times more nutrients than juice extracted by blending or other methods. While Truori juices are 100% juice, packaged juices available in the market typically contain only 2%-10% fruit or vegetables or are recreated using pulp or concentrate.
  • Better Shelf Life: Unlike other processes, Cold Pressed process minimizes the exposure of raw ingredients to air. This reduces the chances of oxidation preserving the freshness of the juice. Juice produced by Cold Press method can also be stored in the refrigerator for upto 3 days without losing nutrition benefits.
Are Truori juice 100% juice?

Yes, all our our juices are made of 100% raw fruits and vegetables.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Most of our vegetables and fruits are sourced from local farms in Karnataka. Since we also use some super foods like cranberry, chia seed among others, we also get a few products from other parts of the country. Through strict quality checks we always make sure that all our ingredients are of top most quality. Our ingredients are regularly tested in food labs on quality and microbiological parameters.

How do you ensure quality of your ingredients?

Apart from regularly testing our ingredients in food labs on quality and microbiological parameters, we also follow specific cleaning process.  Once procured, all our fruits and vegetables are cleaned with filtered water using the latest industry leading Ozonization technology. Each of our equipment also go through a similar cleaning process.

All the fruits and vegetables are peeled, chopped and shredded very carefully and hygienically in a temperature controlled atmosphere before the cold-press process. We ensure the produce never comes into contact with human hands from cleaning till bottling.

Where is your production facility?

We like to call our production facility, a kitchen. Our facility is located in Bangalore and is equipped with sophisticated cold pressed juicing machines. 

We have trained team members who make fresh juices every day.

Is your facility FSSAI approved?

Yes, our facility is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified.

Are your juices fresh?

Our juices are as fresh as they get. We cold press our ingredients every day and supply the juices within next few hours to ensure you have fresh juices to relish. You should, however, keep them refrigerated to have them for up to 3 days from the date of manufacturing.

Do you add any preservatives or sugar to the juice?

No. Our juices are 100% vegetable and fruit along with a few spices like turmeric and sea salt. We do not add even a pinch of any preservatives, stabilizers, chemicals or sugar.

Are your bottles BPA free?

Yes, our bottles and caps are food grade PET and 100% BPA free. They are also completely recyclable.

What is the environmental impact? Why don't you use glass bottles?

Contrary to the popular belief plastic bottle is a better choice compared to glass for the following reasons:

  • Plastic uses less energy than glass to be recycled.
  • It is lighter than glass bottles leading to less carbon foot prints. Less fuel is consumed while transporting plastic bottles compared to glass bottles.
What is the shelf life of the juice?

Our juices taste best when consumed within 3 days from the date of manufacturing. The nutritional value of the juice begins to decline from the 4th day onwards and hence we recommend these to be consumed within 3 days.

However, once the bottle is opened, we recommend that the juice is refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.   

How should I store my juice?

Keep them chilled. Our juices are made of 100% fruits and vegetables with no preservative or stabilizers, hence it is suggested that you keep them refrigerated all the time. Ideally, the juices should be kept between 0 and 8 OC.

What time of day should I consume my juices?

Our juices can be consumed at any time of day although having them early in the morning, mid-afternoon or early evening is a great way to enjoy them. For cleanse specific timing, please refer to the Cleanse section in this FAQ.

Why is there sedimentation in your juices?

Sedimentation of juices is natural. Our juices contain fiber from fruits and vegetables which are often heavier than the liquid part of the juice. Being heavier they tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Remember the science lesson we all studied in school, isn’t it. So just simply shake the bottle and enjoy the juice. There is absolutely nothing to worry.

You won’t notice this in most other packaged juices available in the market as they are not 100% juice and are often mixed with chemicals.

Why does the juice look or taste a little different with the changing seasons?

That’s not a bad sign, actually. While we try and maintain consistency in the variety of ingredients we procure, fruits and vegetables tend to go through a natural process of change with seasons, particularly in terms of color. For example, color of carrot is lighter in summers than in winters.

I have a specific nutritional need. How do I know which juice to choose?

Well, we have designed our juices to provide varied nutritional benefits specifically for this reason. You can check for specific functional benefits of the juice on the bottle label as well as the Product section of our website. We generally recommend choosing a mix of our juices, so that you get a plenty of variety. However, don’t hesitate to call or write to us if you need specific guidance from our nutritionist.

Why don't you pasteurize or process your juice for increased shelf life?

As a conscious choice, we don’t pasteurization or process the juice to ensure that the nutrients in the juice remain intact. Pasteurization is process that heats a product to a high temperature to prolong shelf life, which is what you get in all grocery stores when you buy packed juices. While this process increases the shelf life, they also damage precious nutrients and enzymes and changes the natural composition of the juices. By not pasteurizing our juices, we ensure that you get much more nutritional content, vitamins and natural raw enzymes.

Can Truori juices be consumed if I am diabetic/nursing/pregnant?

Consumption of our juices may vary from individual to individual and hence, we would suggest you to consult your doctor for advice in such specific cases.

Are Truori juices lactose and gluten free?

All of our juices are 100% vegan, gluten free and dairy free. They are also free from additives, preservatives and added sugar.

However, we do use almonds for our Rebuild juice. Please see the ingredients if you are allergic to any specific ingredient.

What is a cleanse?

Juice cleanse is an excellent way to detoxify your body. As a result of the modern lifestyle, pollution and environmental factors most of our bodies are burdened with toxic waste and sluggish metabolisms. Having an excess of toxic waste can leave the body tired, achy, and bloated, with a low energy level and weakened immune system. Detoxification is a process that expels excess waste and accumulated toxins from our body. It’s like starting afresh.

How often should I do cleanse?

This is a personal decision. However, if you are a beginner, we would recommend you to try out the cleanse a couple of times over a month. Once you are comfortable, we recommend doing a 1-day cleanse every week to help you maintain your new healthier lifestyle.

Isn't it true that our bodies are capable of cleansing naturally? Why do we need a juice cleanse?

Yes, it is certainly true that our bodies are capable of cleansing naturally. However, due to the ill-effects of the modern lifestyle, pollution and environmental factors we think we probably need a little extra help. Our cleanse is a great way to take a pause from the hectic lifestyle and allow your body to relax. Cleansing is a great way to bring balance into your life.

I have never tried a cleanse. Will I really be able to handle a cleanse?

While committing to a cleanse program does require a level of dedication, it is not designed in any way to starve you. The goal is to feed you through highly nutritious liquids. We have designed our cleanse for health focused people like you. Our beginner plan is a great way to kick start this journey towards a healthy lifestyle. With each plan you will be provided some basic Dos and Don’ts which will help you understand the cleanse program better. All we can say is that trying out the cleanse is worth it.

Will a cleanse lead to weight loss?

It entirely depends upon the way your body adjusts to the cleanse. While our cleanse program is designed more to bring back the balance in your lifestyle, regular cleanse can also help in weight management.

Are there any side effects of the cleanse?

There are no side effects of the cleanse as such but it entirely depends upon the way your body adjusts to the cleanse, particularly when trying the first time around.

You will certainly end up visiting the washroom a few extra times. Don't be concerned. It's your body's natural response to flushing out toxins and excess water.

Do I need to change my activity level while on a cleanse?

You don’t have to go all out and change your daily schedule. There are a few Dos and Don’ts recommended along with the cleanse. We strongly suggest you follow them while on a juice cleanse. Please refer to the cleanse guide for more details.

Can I change the order of juices or skip a couple of them?

To get the most out of your cleanse and see the best results, we recommend you follow the advice and timings provided by our experts.

What are the payment options? Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, we do accept cash on delivery. Please always insist for an invoice when making the payment.

You also can pay through our payment gateway Via Debit card, Credit card, Net banking or mobile wallets. We use secure SSL encryption technology for all our payment transactions.

What is your refund policy?

In the rare event that there is an issue with your order, please get in touch with us and we will ensure we resolve it to your satisfaction.

Request for cancellation of confirmed order can be made up to 72 hours before the delivery time. Please refer to our Return and Refund Policy for more details.

Can I discontinue subscription mid-way?

We would love to have you not discontinue. Please get in touch with us in case there is an issue with the product and we will resolve it to your satisfaction. It is perfectly ok to put your subscription on hold or modify the order in case you are unavailable due to travel. Just let us know in at least 72 hours in advance.

Do you charge for delivery?

We do not charge any delivery fee on orders above value INR 225.

Do you delivery juices on Sundays and public holidays?

We do deliver on Sundays. However, we do not deliver on national holidays.

Do I have a choice to select my delivery slots?

Yes. We deliver between 6am-3pm and you have the choice to indicate your preferred slot. Please remember that these are preferred slots and in some rare occasions delivery can be altered. We will ensure that you are always posted on any changes.

Similarly, in case you are unavailable on a particular day or a time you can always change the slots through ‘My Account’ dashboard or by reaching out to our customer care team at or +91- 95133 46606.

What should I do if the juices are late?

In the rare event that your juices are running late, please give us a call at our customer care number (+91-9513346606) and we will trace your delivery for you.

You don’t deliver in my area as yet. Will you notify me when you start delivering in my area?

We should be soon delivering in your area. You can register with us for delivery notification and you will be the first one to know when we start delivering in your area.