There are juices
and then there
are Cold Pressed

No Heat.
No Oxidation.
No Pasteurization.

There are juices and then there are Cold Pressed Juices. Cold Pressed juices are the healthiest and tastiest juices you can drink.

Commonly used juicers at home and juice stalls extract juice using high speed rotating blades which generate a lot of heat. Similarly, packaged juices commonly available in market are exposed to heat during pasteurization to increase their shelf life. The heat generated in both the processes destroys essential nutrients and enzymes leaving the juice lifeless.

On the other hand, cold press juicers first slowly crush and then gently apply very high pressure to extract juice from the ingredients. This process produces virtually no heat, keeping the nutrient content of the juices intact.

Also, unlike other processes, cold pressed process minimizes the exposure of raw ingredients to air. This reduces the chances of oxidation preserving the freshness of the juice.

Cold pressed juices are full of nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, just as nature intended.